Batsi Andros

The enchanting Batsi in Andros is one of the most beautifull places on the island that you should definitely visit during your vacation. In general, Andros is one of the most beautiful Greek islands with thousands of visitors from all over the world choosing it every year. We would not say unfairly since its enchanting landscape with its green areas, high mountains, huge coastline and of course the beautiful beaches that are an attraction for tourists.

In a very short distance from Athens, Andros is an excellent vacation solution that will surely be unforgettable. In fact, there are many who liken it to a miniature of Greece. Its impressive landscapes complete the rivers, valleys and ravines.

The village of Batsi – Andros

Batsi is one of the most popular villages of Andros at a distance of about 27 km from Chora and just 7 from the port of Gavrio. It is a traditional fishing village by the sea, with some of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the island. One of the most enchanting summer destinations where you can find many traditional taverns and bars, tourist and commercial shops.

The village of Batsi - Andros

Beaches in Batsi of Andros

There are many beaches in Batsi that are worth visiting. The most popular of course is Batsi Beach which is located within the settlement. A fairly large and organized sandy beach which is a great choice for families. A beach that will help you relax and enjoy your baths in Andros.

Batsi village from aboveKolona is the second beach we would suggest. It is located opposite Batsi and offers you a great view of the village. Another excellent choice of beach is Agia Marina. Also a sandy beach located next to Batsi and brings together several families.

Finally, you should not miss to visit Stivari beach. A fairly secluded beach, relatively small in size that combines sand, pebbles and rocks.

What attractions will you find nearby

The sights that one can visit in Andros are many. Some of them can be found near Batsi and specifically the Archaeological Museum of Paleopolis, the Archaeological Site of Ipsili Andros and the Monastery of Zoodochou Pigi.

At the Archaeological Museum of Paleopolis you have the opportunity to see many important exhibits such as the marble lion, the statuette of Artemis and the only surviving plaque with the hymn in honor of the goddess Isis. The museum will offer you a unique experience as you will have the opportunity to see many statues, sculptures, inscriptions and coins.

The monastery near BatsiThe Monastery of Zoodochou Pigi or otherwise the Monastery of Agia, is the largest monastery of Andros and is located between Batsi and Gavrio. Although monks originally lived in the monastery, it was later converted into a nunnery. In the church of the monastery you have the opportunity to see various sacred vestments and utensils, prehistoric tools as well as a library with old manuscripts.

The Archaeological Site of Ipsili Andros is in fact the findings of one of the most important fortified settlements of the early Iron Age. A large part of the settlement has been discovered and will offer you a magical journey into the past.